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Episode 29: Justin Bliffen, CEO and Navy SEAL, Kevin Pope, VP of Service Quality & Personnel and Navy SEAL - Brigade Energy Services

We celebrate Veterans Day today and on this episode of the Oilfield 360 podcast, David de Roode and Josh Lowrey are joined in the Flecha Azul Tequila podcast studio by Brigade Energy Services, CEO and Navy SEAL, Justin Bliffen and VP of Service Quality & Personnel and Navy SEAL, Kevin Pope.

You are going to love hearing how these two fine men are incorporating their experiences and the tenets of their past into modern day well servicing and how they intend to change the game for the benefit of everyone. This is definitely a conversation you do not want to miss.

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Episode 28: Jason Long and Steven Jones, Co-Chief Executive Officers - Waterbridge

On this podcast, Josh Lowrey and David de Roode, are joined in the Flecha Azul Tequila podcast studio by Waterbridge, co-Chief Executive Officers, Jason Long and Steven Jones. The guys have a great conversation talking about water production, water usage and water recycling and how the market and thus customers are changing the industry. You will enjoy hearing the story about how this company was formed and where it is heading - another great conversation shared on the Oilfield 360 podcast.

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Episode 27: Wesley Hunt, Congressional Candidate For TX-7

Energy policy and the people who write that policy are always going to be important to The Oilfield 360 Podcast audience. On this episode, the guys sit down with our first returning guest. Congressional Candidate for TX-7, Wesley Hunt. Hunt explains how he intends to vote on behalf of American Energy and what a working relationship with Dan Crenshaw would look like in the lives of Houstonians. We hope you enjoy this episode and as usual, O360 is non partisan. We look for reasonable people to do reasonable things for our country.

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Episode 26: Peter Bernard, Executive Chairman – Datagration

What's more important than Oil & Gas? Data – and lots of it – and more importantly, the interpretation of it. The interpretation of data that is becoming available to the energy industry is speeding innovation along at pace faster than most can imagine.

Join us on this episode of the Oilfield 360 Media Company Oilfield 360 Podcast to listen to my friend and Oil & Gas / Energy Technology legend, Peter Bernard, share with us some of the exciting things happening at DATAGRATION as well as some insight into his background. The conversation, Josh Lowrey, Laura Schilling (our returning VIP guest host) and I have with Peter from his years at Halliburton to his time as a special advisor, industry advisor, board member, President & CEO, Chairman, co-founder, etc. to a number of companies like U.S. Silica Company, Rubicon Oilfield International, Warburg Pincus LLC, RS Energy Group, etc. is fantastic.

You will definitely want to give this episode a listen as we "cover the waterfront" with Peter.

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Episode 25: Patti Melcher, Managing Partner and Founder of EIV Capital

On this episode of the Oilfield 360 podcast, David and Josh are joined by their two special guests, Patti Melcher, Managing Partner and Founder of EIV Capital and Greg Davis, one of Patti's partners at EIV Capital. You will get to hear about Patti's start in investing in energy as Associate #1 at SCF Partners with Founder and Chairman, L.E. Simmons as well as her description of working part-time (40-50 hours a week) with L.E. while organizing The Joy School here in Houston for the benefit of her daughter and other children in the Greater Houston area, among other stories. You will quickly find out why she has been successful and why she has no trouble recruiting talented people, investors and opportunities to invest capital successfully in the midstream oil and gas as well as alternative and renewable energy sectors.

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Episode 24: John Berger, President and CEO of Sunnova Energy

Oilfield 360 Media Company was excited to have Sunnova Energy on the podcast last week. You know it's a big deal when Ira Green stops by to co-host an episode. The audience is going to enjoy listening to John Berger talk about new battery technologies and the innovation of #AmericanManufactuctuing. Berger is a tremendous spokesman for the solar industry and why our oil and gas centered listeners should care about the developments.

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Episode 23: Ben Davis, Founder of The Gents Place and Rascal

30 under 30? Check. 40 under 40? Check. Partners with NFL Owners? Check. Serial Entrepreneur? Check. Creating an entirely new business model out of an already established business? Check. You're going to enjoy this week's Oilfield 360 Podcast. David de Roode and Josh Lowrey welcome our youngest guest to date. At 37, Ben Davis is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in Texas and he's just getting started.

We know these stories will translate across all industries and be something our oil and gas audience will relate to.

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Episode 22: David Paradis, CEO of Trillium Flow Technologies

This week on the Oilfield 360 Podcast we have our good friend, David Paradis stop by the Flecha Azul Studio. Paradis has packed a lot into a career. From working with the biggest of the big at Tyco Valves & Controls which is now part of Emerson, to running the pressure pumping equipment business (Weir SPM) within Weir’s Oil & Gas Division. All of this led to Paradis spinning out one of the largest newco's in 2019, Trillium Flow Technologies.

Paradis shares his unique insights on how business has changed over the years and what hasn't. As usual, the key to great leadership is PEOPLE. It will be hard for our listeners not to be inspired by his focus on people and the importance he puts on strategy.

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Episode 21: Gabriel Rio, President and CEO of Milestone Environmental Services

If you want to know how to lead a company in a downturn.....listen to this offering from Oilfield 360 Media. David de Roode and Josh Lowrey are pleased to launch the latest episode with Gabriel Rio, President and CEO of Milestone Environmental Services. Rio has some insights about the current state of our industry and how to lead in a downturn. His story is an interesting blend of being in the right place at the right time, combined with #GRIT..... Here's a hint: That's our favorite type of story.

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Episode 20: Wayne Richards, President and CEO of GR Energy Services and Chairman of DistributionNOW

Wayne Richards, president and CEO of GR Energy Services and chairman of DistributionNOW started as a mining engineer working "underground" in his home state of West Virginia. Richards tells incredible stories about his 25-year run at Schlumberger and the path that led him to becoming the industry leader that he is today. Richards' leadership on ESG is simple: stakeholders demand it, employees deserve it. That theme is central throughout his life. People first!

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Episode 19: Wesley Hunt, U.S. Congressional Candidate (TX-7)

This podcast is politically agnostic. We want reasonable people to do incredible things for our industry, our people and our country, regardless of which side of the aisle they sit on. In this episode, our hosts, Josh Lowrey and David de Roode sit down with Wesley Hunt to discuss his life of service. Hunt served our country with honor in the Middle East and is preparing to serve again as he runs for Congress in the 7th Congressional District. TX 7 is a very important district for the energy, industrial and oil & gas industry. We touch on a broad range of topics and have one of our favorite co-hosts join us. Laura Schilling joins the interview and provides her perspectives on the huge opportunities available in the oil and gas market.

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Episode 18: Clay Williams, Chairman, President and CEO of National Oilwell Varco

On this episode of the Oilfield 360 Media Podcast, the guys, David de Roode and Josh Lowrey, are joined by Clay Williams, chairman, president and CEO of National Oilwell Varco or NOV. Williams shares his background as well as some words of wisdom from his 35+ year experience in the energy business. Williams also shares his thoughts about “passing through” the rough patches in the energy business as well as his thoughts on “followership”, company culture, diversity & inclusion, technology development, energy transition, the Center for Hearing and Speech and the Boy Scouts of America.

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Episode 17: Best of 2019 Podcast

This week on the podcast David and Josh go back in time.....back to a time long ago, 2019. We're only seven months behind on our best of 2019. We had a limited number of published podcasts in 2019, but they were great. Jamie Stewart, Scott Milliren, Dan Henderson, Anish Jain and Jamie Peace were the lucky ones who we published. Enjoy the timeless advice and stories that are gold no matter the price of oil.

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Episode 16: David Preng, CEO of Preng & Associates

This week the guys welcome David Preng of Preng & Associates. Preng is the founder, CEO and president of the 40-year old executive search firm who literally wrote the book on international search in the energy sector. You will have no problem spotting the passion that Preng has for his craft. We are also joined by his son Stephen Preng halfway through the show and he shares his thoughts on what it's like working with and for someone who is so passionate about other people.

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Episode 15: Aron Marquez, CEO of Wildcat Oil Tools - Part Two

Oilfield 360 Media, LLC is excited to release the second half of our two-part conversation with Aron Marquez, CEO of Wildcat Oil Tools and Flecha Azul Tequila. This podcast was a first for our Oilfield 360 hosts, David de Roode with Lockton Companies and Josh Lowrey with Galtway Marketing as the conversation just kept going and we couldn’t cut it short. Listen in this week to hear how the guys “land the plane” in this open, honest and powerful conversation with Marquez.

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Episode 14: Aron Marquez, CEO of Wildcat Oil Tools - Part One

This week is part one of our two-part episode with the CEO of Wildcat Oil Tools, Aron Marquez. Our hosts, David de Roode and Josh Lowrey, have more fun than anyone expected. Marquez is also the CEO and founder of Flecha Azul Tequila and brought some by the studio. He moved to America at 11 years old and became a success by 37 - you're going to hear multiple stories that you can use in your own life. Look back next week for the conclusion and find out how the guys "land the plane".

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Episode 13: Ben Bodishbaugh, CEO of Evolution Well Services

Our Oilfield 360 hosts, David de Roode with Lockton Companies and Josh Lowrey with Galtway Marketing along with our friend and special guest host, John Daniel of Daniel Energy Partners, have a conversation with their good friend, Ben Bodishbaugh, CEO of Evolution Well Services. We talk about Bodishbaugh’s start in the conventional hydraulic fracturing space with Schlumberger, Liberty Pressure Pumping and Mission Well Services to his position at the helm of one of the hottest completions technology companies in the upstream market today.

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Episode 12: Zach Lee, CEO of ARM Energy

"Unprecedented." That is the term being used the most during this tumultuous time. On this week's episode, Zach Lee, CEO of Arm Energy sits with our hosts, David de Roode and Josh Lowrey, to talk about the current state of oil and gas trading, pricing and when he thinks things will turn around. Lee breaks down what happened with the collapse of WTI and how soon we can get back to $80 oil. Here's a hint: It's close enough to keep fighting! Lee also talks about how his mother influenced his desire to help kids through their non-profit, Seeds of Hope.

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Episode 11: Dan Crenshaw, U.S. Congressman

Fortitude. What is it? Who has it? How can you get it? On this episode, we are joined by Congressman Dan Crenshaw with help from VIP guest-host, Laura Schilling.

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Episode 9: John Daniel, President of Daniel Energy Partners

Our guest this week is John Daniel, president and CEO of Daniel Energy Partners. Daniel describes the path that led him to become a preeminent market intelligence analyst in North America. If you are interested in what a difference “boots on the ground” can make when gathering information, you’re in for a treat.

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Special Edition: Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton With Guest Host John Daniel, Daniel Energy Partners

Just hours after The Texas Railroad Commission held an 11-hour marathon meeting to listen to both sides of the Proration Debate, Commissioner Ryan Sitton sat down with our hosts David de Roode and Josh Lowrey to get his take on the meeting and the role The Railroad Commission can play, or should play.

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Episode 8: Leslie Beyer, President of Petroleum Equipment and Services Association

Our guest this week is Leslie Beyer, president of Petroleum Equipment and Services Association. Beyer details how a lifetime of serving at the highest levels of leadership are key while helping lead the 87-year-old oil and gas organization. Our hosts discuss the importance of energy transition and how the solutions for sustainability will come from within and press Beyer on her with industry acceptance of ESG requirements and the various committees and companies trying to lead that space.

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Special Edition: PESA Leadership Washington DC Update

In this special edition of The Oilfield 360 Podcast, we speak to Petroleum Equipment and Services Association's president, Leslie Beyer, and vice president of government affairs, Tim Tarpley. Beyer and Tarpley discuss in real-time what is going on in Washington DC with COVID-19 as it pertains to the future of the oil and gas business, as well as what PESA is advocating for the energy industry.

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Episode 7: Dirk Lee, CEO of Axis Energy Services

This week's episode features Dirk Lee, CEO at Axis Energy Services. Lee tells us how he made his way from the family business to the CEO of Axis. The small town Oklahoma guy tells us how he made his way from the family business to the CEO of Axis. Dirk is passionate about his people and is determined to leave his mark on the oilfield.

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Episode 6: Josh Lowrey, President and CEO of Galtway Enterprises and David de Roode, EVP and Partner of Lockton Companies

On this episode of The Oilfield 360 Podcast, we introduce to you our hosts: Josh Lowrey, president and CEO of Galtway Enterprises, and David de Roode, executive vice president and partner of Lockton Companies. You’ll get an inside view on where their passion for the oilfield comes from and how G.A.S. has a different meaning in de Roode’s business.

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Episode 5: Ann Fox, President, CEO of Nine Energy Service

This episode features Ann Fox, who shares personal and powerful stories about her life, her career and what it takes to be a leader. Destined to be a leader her entire life, Ann Fox shares some incredibly personal and powerful stories about her life, her career and what it takes to be a leader.

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