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Episode 12: Zach Lee, CEO of ARM Energy

"Unprecedented." That is the term being used the most during this tumultuous time. On this week's episode, Zach Lee, CEO of Arm Energy sits with our hosts, David de Roode and Josh Lowrey, to talk about the current state of oil and gas trading, pricing and when he thinks things will turn around. Lee breaks down what happened with the collapse of WTI and how soon we can get back to $80 oil. Here's a hint: It's close enough to keep fighting! Lee also talks about how his mother influenced his desire to help kids through their non-profit, Seeds of Hope.

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Episode 11: Dan Crenshaw, U.S. Congressman

Fortitude. What is it? Who has it? How can you get it? On this episode, we are joined by Congressman Dan Crenshaw with help from VIP guest-host, Laura Schilling.

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Episode 9: John Daniel, President of Daniel Energy Partners

Our guest this week is John Daniel, president and CEO of Daniel Energy Partners. Daniel describes the path that led him to become a preeminent market intelligence analyst in North America. If you are interested in what a difference “boots on the ground” can make when gathering information, you’re in for a treat.

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Special Edition: Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton With Guest Host John Daniel, Daniel Energy Partners

Just hours after The Texas Railroad Commission held an 11-hour marathon meeting to listen to both sides of the Proration Debate, Commissioner Ryan Sitton sat down with our hosts David de Roode and Josh Lowrey to get his take on the meeting and the role The Railroad Commission can play, or should play.

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Episode 8: Leslie Beyer, President of Petroleum Equipment and Services Association

Our guest this week is Leslie Beyer, president of Petroleum Equipment and Services Association. Beyer details how a lifetime of serving at the highest levels of leadership are key while helping lead the 87-year-old oil and gas organization. Our hosts discuss the importance of energy transition and how the solutions for sustainability will come from within and press Beyer on her with industry acceptance of ESG requirements and the various committees and companies trying to lead that space.

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Special Edition: PESA Leadership Washington DC Update

In this special edition of The Oilfield 360 Podcast, we speak to Petroleum Equipment and Services Association's president, Leslie Beyer, and vice president of government affairs, Tim Tarpley. Beyer and Tarpley discuss in real-time what is going on in Washington DC with COVID-19 as it pertains to the future of the oil and gas business, as well as what PESA is advocating for the energy industry.

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Episode 7: Dirk Lee, CEO of Axis Energy Services

This week's episode features Dirk Lee, CEO at Axis Energy Services. Lee tells us how he made his way from the family business to the CEO of Axis. The small town Oklahoma guy tells us how he made his way from the family business to the CEO of Axis. Dirk is passionate about his people and is determined to leave his mark on the oilfield.

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Episode 6: Josh Lowrey, President and CEO of Galtway Enterprises and David de Roode, EVP and Partner of Lockton Companies

On this episode of The Oilfield 360 Podcast, we introduce to you our hosts: Josh Lowrey, president and CEO of Galtway Enterprises, and David de Roode, executive vice president and partner of Lockton Companies. You’ll get an inside view on where their passion for the oilfield comes from and how G.A.S. has a different meaning in de Roode’s business.

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Episode 5: Ann Fox, President, CEO of Nine Energy Service

This episode features Ann Fox, who shares personal and powerful stories about her life, her career and what it takes to be a leader. Destined to be a leader her entire life, Ann Fox shares some incredibly personal and powerful stories about her life, her career and what it takes to be a leader.

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